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Audio Authority Training Videos and Manuals


Installation / Operation Manuals

521 Manual | Revision 18

522A Manual | Revision B

522AX Manual | Revision --

523 Manual | Revision C

621 Manual | Revision A

880 Manual | Revision A

901AX Manual | Revision --


910A Manual | Revision A

921 Manual | Revision B

922 Manual | Revision A

LTS1000 Manual | Revision E

Wobble Switch Bypass Guide | Revision A

Universal Controller Manual | Revision E



Loopback Test #1 (TVM1000) | How to do a Loopback Test for a TVM1000

Loopback Test #2 | Video Switching Panel

Loopback Test #3 | CAT5--- Insert 201077

Change Motor Box | How to change a motorbox in a 522 or 922 customer unit

Power Cycle K Board | Power Cycling a K Board. Remove Blower cable in J1 A

Change Blower Motor | How to change out a 521 UL blower motor

No Audio or Video | Troubleshooting issues related to having no Audio or Video

Removing Static From Audio | Troubleshooting Issues Related to Static in Audio